Sizzling Skillet Set

Make dinner time sizzle with this beautiful cast iron Fajita Skillet and delicious blend of Mexican seasoning – a perfect gift for foodies! Durable, dependable, cast iron has stormed back into fashion. The cast iron skillet is the original non stick pan. This fajita cast iron skillet from Gourmet du Village has incredible heat retention, which makes it a perfect cooking tool for the oven or the barbecue.

As the perfect accompaniment, this gift set also comes with a bottle of cast iron oil from Caron & Doucet, to ensure that all of your cast iron surfaces stay protected.

This Gift Set includes:
· Cast iron skillet
· Box of Fajita seasoning
· Wooden tray for hot surfaces
· A fabric handle mitt
· A natural cast iron protective spray (120 ml.)

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