ILĀ Wildflower Honey

The perfect gift for someone as sweet and unique as this gourmet honey from ILĀ! Collected from fields of wildflowers, its flavour profile is as robust as the assortment of wild plants pollinated during its creation: locust trees, wild raspberry, wild rose, linden trees, sumac, knapweed, joe pye weed, bamboo, clematis, goldenrod, and purple aster. The combined nectars yield a dark honey with a unique floral taste, enriched with more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than lighter-hued varieties.

Flavour Notes: Sweet, but not overly so, robust & floral

Usage: Natural sweetener for beverages, good for baked goods & cooking.

·  Size: 10 oz.
·  Raw, cold-pressed

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